For once, I was accorded such great respect and privilege enjoyed by the rich. I felt my ego and pride multiplying within me. It was as if I became a millionaire overnight because of the new wristwatch that my brother sent to me from London.

Smith, my brother had been living in London for up to a decade and he grew to become a wealthy businessman over the years. He wanted to give me a huge surprise with a very expensive birthday presents, he bought a OMEGA DE VILLE CO-AXIAL MASTER CHRONOMETERwatch that was worth up to $10,000. Its unique appearance and features made me begin to idolize it. I even went online to make my research about the features of the watch and found out that it has been described as “the wonder watch that defies the elements”. It was truly a valuable time piece that was fit for the adornment of the wrist.

That very day I went out, I made sure I was perfectly clad in a suit and tie with blue polka dots and a touch of red. I also made sure my receding hairline and beards were well carved, and then I slowly and stylishly put on my new wristwatch. I was fully ready for my interview and that feeling of grandeur and self-importance enveloped me as I made my way to the garage with my car keys.

When I arrived at the interview venue, I realized people looked at me differently unlike any other days and their gaze didn’t stray far from my well-adorned left wrist which I proudly displayed unnecessarily and with a grin. Many applicants were also present for the interview but for some reason coupled with the fact I performed excellently at the interview, which I guessed to be my expensive wristwatch, I was perceived and received differently as they might know I was there for business

The interview session was a breeze as I answered each question effortlessly. However, the interviewer couldn’t take his eyes off my left wrist. As the interview advanced, we delved into salary negotiation and the start off price proposed by the interviewer convinced me that they deemed me to be a rich applicant possibly due to my appearance (with all indicators pointing at my watch and my confidence).

The monthly pay was pegged at a sum that exceeded my expectation and this made me glance down at my wristwatch with utter amazement. My luxury Omega Watch had certainly placed me on a high-ticket payroll, all thanks to my brother, Smith.

I felt so happy for the birthday gift I received from Smith. I could rightly say that this Luxury wristwatch gift had changed my social class by merely resting on wrist. On my way out of the interview venue, other applicants looked at me like I just hit a million dollar jackpot. Well, I felt that way as I meddled with my car keys.

The day’s ordeal created a very strong impression in my heart. Watches are meant to tell time but expensive watches are meant to display class and I certainly love my new status.

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